WhatsApp Membership

WhatsApp Membership

Connecting hearts through WhatsApp: The ultimate wedding matchmaker

Type of Service

This service offers you a premium subscription that gives you the exposure you deserve with a high-profile visibility and reach a limitless number of customers around your location. This also promotes secure, seamless communication within and beyond our groups. Enjoy the benefits of our WhatsApp Group Chats today!


You will be:

  • Added to groups that are relevant to you
  • Able to post your CV every week to receive interests from potentials
  • Contacted by admins if your profile matches any other members


Every Day  you will receive profiles posted by other members

Every Week  admin will share spreadsheets with 100’s of profiles 



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  • £20 Group Chat Access - 1 Year

    - Get added to at least 6 or more Group Chats with up to 300 members in each group

    - Unlock the potential of joining our groups for free with specific requirements - Message 07464134320 for more details

  • £40 Profile Sharing - 4 Months

    Expand your profile's reach and increase your exposure to new candidates by Sharing your profile across our 50+ UK Group Chats every week for 4 months

Included in your plan:

  • Invitation to Exclusive private WhatsApp groups.
  • Option for our team to share profiles to all groups
  • Access to all sunnah nikah profiles on our portal.

8000 members across 75+ group chats within 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

Established in 2016 by Ulama to simplify the Muslim community's search for marriage, Sunnah Nikah is now the largest "Shariah Compliant Matrimony Service" with nearly 8000 members from UK, EU, USA and Canada on 75 WhatsApp groups and on our Profile Portal.

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